It is a non profit, non political & non government registered consumer organization. our this organization has been working since last 5 years for the protection of rights & interest of exploited consumers & to spread awareness & educate the consumers at large about their rights, interest & duties within the admit of constitution of India. Its activities are to resolve complaints of consumer by representation. Negotiations & if necessary by taking legal measures to afford justice to the consumers by providing them legal services.
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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Conumer fourm Vadodara, directed New India Insurance Co. to pay pay Rs.23,402/ with interest, legal expances, & for mental agoney

Mr.Nilesh Gohil of sultanpura vadodara bought membership of our organisation to redress his compliant aganist New India Insurance co ltd. A compliant No. 740/2009 was filed aganist new india in CDRF Vadodara for the repudiation of medicliam for wrong reason ...paid him part payment & for balanced amount said that its his first year policy, though he was  consumer since long of this insurance co. so after long hearing in Hon consumer court,. the president of consumer decided above compliant in 23.03.12, wherein it was directed opponent insurance co. to pay Rs.23,402/- to the complainant along with 9%p.a from the date of filling this complain17.07.2009 till actual realisation . Besides Rs.2000/- for mental agoney  & Rs.1000/- for legal expanses within 2 months from the date of order.

consumer court directed Relaince. G.Insu co to pay Rs.3.50000/- & demerges charges,

Mr.Manoj Chaturvedi, Res of gorwa Vaodara, approached our organisation with his compliant against Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd for repudiation  of claim an absoultly flimsy reasining,facts involved were, complanint son met an accident wherein the insured vehical sustained irreparable damages for which the insurance co. admitted only Rs.1,61000/- only,on the  place of Rs.3.50000/- as total loss bases. After that repudiate claim that Mr.Manoj  refused to help surveyor for final survey, so Rs.1.61000/- is also not payable asper terms & condition of the policy. our consumer organisation filled a complaint in Vadodara consumer court.with case No.42/2011....both of the parties appear in Hon. Court...after long hearings, Hon consumer court decided this metter on 01/08/12 & directed the insurance co. to pay Rs.3,50000/- along with 95 p.a, secondly payment of gearge charges (demmrages) of Rs.100/- per day till realisition of payment from 19.10.2010 lastly also awarded Rs.5000/- for mental agony and Rs.3000/- towards the cost of compaint

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

unfair trade practice done by S.B.I Credit Card Dept.so the court given order to bank

Dr. Suresh Patni of Baroda, filed complainant agonist S.B.I Credit Card Dept in Consumer Court through our Organisation.. complaint was holding credit card since long which issued by opp. bank...In 29/09/2009. when complainant got statement cum bill from bank. he become shocked to see the bill amount , .in the bill the opponent bank send the bill of Rs. 43401/- which he didn't consumed, from inquiry from the bank, he came to know that somebody had used his card in New Delhi Station, bought a tickets of Rs.43401/-, after few mints that person cancelled all the tickets, got cash from Rly. Dept & run away.After complain from Dr...the opponent bank  sent him legal notice to collect the money from him.so the complainant filled in consumer court, the opponanat bank felt, that they done wrong with their consumer, they didn't appear before the court, & court decided that there is no mistake of consumer, when the credit card is under complainants pastition. how any person buy Rly tickets...it means the the codes  of credit cards r not in safe by bank authorities....so the consumer court order bank not to collect a single rupee from compalinanat ...& pay legal expanses & mental agony charges Rs.3000/- within 2months of the order

Shri Yugprbhav Bank is liable to pay due amounts of Govt office for sale of old property

Mrs. Jyotikaben k.Patel given us a complaint against Shri Yugprbhav Sahkari Bank, Panigate, Baroda.that she purchased one old property from bank on auction dated on 12/10/2007 at Rs. 60101/-, at the time of sale deed, the opponent given in writing that there is no due from any of Govt or non-govt organisations, but after some time complainant came to know that their is due of Rs11316/- to Vadodara municipal corp. & Rs.8317/- to stamp duty Dept, which the bank not paid. The complainant given written complain to bank lots of time, but bank doesn't taken any action nor paid balance amount to Jyotikaben Patel, at last te complainant came to our organisation. 7 we filled above complain in vadodara consumer court, after seen all the proof, &written statements, the Consumer court given order Against bank that the bank has to pay balanced amount which complaint paid in Govt office on behalf of the Yugprabahv Bank with 9%rate of intrastate from the date of file the complain & Rs.3000/- for mental agony & legal expanses within 2 months from the date of order.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

walk in shows..done unfair trade practice with his consumer

Mr. Ishan Bharatbhai Khatri purchased one branded shoe from opponent "WALK IN SHOES'  Situted at opp sardar bhuvans lane, jubalieebaug vadodara, dated on 19/10/2008, & paid cash Rs.700/- on that time the shopkeeper give him one year warranty for above shoe..but after 3/4 months , the above defective shoe lost its life...so the complainant complain for that to  the shopkeeper...but opponent became failed to solve his problem...the shopkeper even not become ready to return his paid money...so Mr. Ishan gave written complain in our organisation...our organisation filled that complain in Vadodara  District consumer Dispute Redressal ( consumer Court)...after that on 15/12/2011 the consumer court came to know after see all the documentry evidence , which was submitted at the time of admission & given the order to shopkeeper to pay back complainants Rs.700/- with 12% interest..Rs.500/- for legal expanses , & rs.500/- for mental agony within 2 months of above order 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The labor contractor Vinod R. Patel(prop. Shreege constraction) done unfair trade practice, & deffecenncy of services with his coustomer, court order

Complainant Shri Arvindbhai p. Soni Res, of Radhapark Soc, New V.I.P Road, Baroda given our organisation one compliant against Labor contractor Shri Vinod. Patel( prop. shreege swami contraction) & Shri Anil Patel. b'coz of poor contraction done by them on upper floor. Shri Vinod Patel given the written Estimate of Rs.2,59,312/- for upper floor contraction.& complainant become agree to give him the work ...after 2/3 days he paid vinod patel1,51,000/- as advance to start the work. after some time Shri Arvindbhai came to know that the contractions work quality is very poor, & vinod patel is not visiting on site, but on behalf of him, the neighbor of Arvindbahi, & well known person of contractor, doing his job..so he complained about that lots of time..but the contractor not taken any action..after that Anil Patel get more Rs.80,000/- from complainant for reaming work...after get money he had not completed the work...so dispute arise...our organisation sent demand notice both the opponents. But both the Parties refused the complete the work . also not ready to repair the defects remains in contraction...at last we failed this compliant in Vadodara consumer court...the opponents remain absent till end of the matter in the court...so after see the opnion report given by Arctict Shri Daibar's servy report, court decided that the contractor Vinod Patel, done unfair trade practice, & deffecancy of service with complainant....so consumer court given the order that..Vind Patel has to pay 98075/- , servy report charges Rs.4000/- , for mental agony Rs. 5000/- & for legal expanses. Rs.2000/- to compliananat Arvindbhai within 2 months from the date of order.